About Us

There is no global platform aligning the incentives of all sectors to achieve the SDGs by leveraging exponential technology investment.

We are here to change that.

SDGx is an exponential technology research, venture building and investment fund management firm. We are a full commercial operation but we do aligned our philosophy with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) so that our focus is positive impact – for people, places and the planet.

We are a diverse team of tech founders, investors, advisers, development specialists and innovation experts.

Based in Singapore, Bangkok, Berlin, Sidney and Silicon Valley, in partnership with Singularity University and the Yunus Centre at AIT, we are connected to a global ecosystem of entrepreneurial and corporate partners.

Founding Partners

David Galipeau

Canadian, 35 years veteran of a hybrid business commercial/development career within the finance, publishing, and digital technology in Canada, Europe and Asia both as a corporate senior manager, dotcom entrepreneur and social business innovator. After two successful start-up exits, joined the United Nations in 2010 focusing on innovation, entrepreneurship, social startups and was founder of UNSIF, the UNDP impact investing program.


Jeremy Liddle

Australian, serial entrepreneur was Co-founder, Executive Director and General Partner of CapitalPitch, Australian VC that invests, advises and raise seed and Series A startups including Oovvuu, Phoria, Kami, Umano and Outix. Previous President, Australia G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance, Investment Expert at United Nations Industrial Development Organisation and Australian host of the Global Entrepreneurship Congress


Christian Walter

German, Head of the European expansion for the Japanese Employer Branding Platform Wantedly Inc.. Previously Head of Digital Business Development at Viessmann Group and BizDev Manager Top Tier at Google. Seed investor, startup entrepreneur and mentor at Techstars in Europe and Asia and co-founder of EdTech Asia, an education and technology consultancy and conference provider.


Advisers and Partners

Muhammad Yunus

Bangladeshi Nobel Peace Prize laureate, economist and founder of the Grameen Bank, an institution that provides microcredit to help its clients establish financial self-sufficiency. Author: Building Social Business: The New Kind of Capitalism That Serves Humanity’s Most Pressing Needs (2010) and A World of Three Zeroes: The New Economics of Zero Poverty, Zero Unemployment, and Zero Net Carbon Emissions (2017).

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Valentine Goddard

Lawyer, artist, social impact strategist and recognised expert on ethical and social implications of artificial intelligence, a member of the United Nation’s Expert Group on the Role of Public Institutions on the Impact of New Technology and Founder of 'Artificial Intelligence Impact Alliance' (AIIA), a member of 3 international organisations on the Governance of AI including a founding member of the International Observatory on the Ethical and Social Impact of AI.

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James M. Donovan

Co-Founder/CEO of ADEC Solutions Inc, FirstCarbon Solutions and American Data Exchange. Chairman of the Global CEO Alliance. 25 years in investment banking as VP of Daiwa American Securities in NY, Lehman Brothers Investment Bank in Hong Kong/London. Representatives to UNEP Major Group Facilitating Committee, Lead Author, Data and Knowledge chapter of the Global Environment Outlook, Business Advisory Board member of the International PPP Center with United Nations Economic Commission for Europe.

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Neil Sahota

Neil Sahota (萨冠军) is an IBM Master Inventor, United Nations (UN) Artificial Intelligence (AI) subject matter expert, Faculty at UC Irvine and author of 'Own the A.I. Revolution'. With 20+ years of business experience, he works with clients and business partners to create next generation products/solutions powered by emerging technology. His work experience spans multiple industries including healthcare, life sciences, retail, travel and transportation, energy and utilities, automotive, and government.


Strategic Partners