The public and civic sectors correctly focuses on supporting society at large but policy development has always lagged behind technology innovations.

The private sector correctly focuses on optimisation, scaling and revenue maximisation when developing and investing in exponential technologies.

The result is a gap between operational efficiency, civic responsibility, capital markets, technology adoption and technology literacy between the private sector and the remaining parts of society – it also results in missed social and economic opportunities for all sectors and citizens.

This gap between the digital, physical and biological worlds is shrinking, and technology is changing faster than ever. Science, technology, and innovation (STI) are rapidly converging to produce new products, services, and markets that will have a game-changing impact. 

This is called ‘Industrial Revolution 4.0’

As traditional policy development processes lag behind the rapid pace of technology innovation, citizens increasingly expect the private sector and other non-government entities to take on new responsibilities and develop new approaches to support the diversification and speed of governance 

This is called ‘Governance 4.0’

SDGx understands that human-centered technology developments can balance economic returns and social advancement. SDGx is an ecosystem that highly integrates near future research with a disciplined venture building curriculum and an innovative investment philosophy to establish a new narrative that puts people at the centre of technology adoption.

We call this ‘Citizen 4.0’

We believe that the SDGx partnership architecture for exponential technology research, acceleration and investment can generate above-market & sustainable returns for both investors and citizens alike