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How we invest in companies

We apply an integral investment model and focus on investing in technology related to e-mobility, production and energy. We are looking for companies that have a unique technological insight and can change the rules of the game.

We invest in companies with sound business models and deep-tech foundations, of which we think they can make a positive impact on the world and help achieve the SDGs.

Most companies have positive and negative impact on people, the planet. Traditionally impact investments tries to invest in companies that have a positive outcome. Our approach is broader. 

Technology is inherently amoral. It can be used for good – it can be used for bad. Look at drones. They can deploy bombs, but they can also plant seeds, monitor cattle or provide emergency care and soon will deliver parcels. 

Often, the order of adoption is however negative impact to positive impact. A lot of fundamental research is funded by the military before it becomes publicly available. 

This means we oftentimes deal with technology that will not be market-ready for the next 3+ years, or where it is still unclear if there is any use for the technology. This means, we are looking at longer investment horizons traditionally difficult to cover for more traditional Venture Capital Firms. 


Impact Investment

Without compromise

All our funds are impact investment funds – but not all funds are structured the same. What’s important to know is that we are looking to use blended finance structures, alignment of CSR and CVC capabilities and incoirporate a theory of change in every investment we make. We require investees to work on measuring their impact and how they contribute to achieving the SDGs.

Our venture builder envisions and builds new impact business. Part of the venture builder is an academy – where we help companies to train their leaders to create human centered solutions  and new businesses. 

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