SDGx Globalizer is a Market Entry and Technology Transfer Program

We support Scale-Ups in entering Global Markets by connecting them with Smart City Development Projects.

We scale companies by helping them enter global markets

The SDGx Globalizer is a program purposefully designed to scale Startups internationally. We leverage our global network, research, and industry contacts to  match successful local startups with access to international projects and investors.

Capacity Building

We scale-capacities in growth stage technology companies and help them assess their readiness, and manage expansion risks.


Our core team is located in South-East Asia, Europe and Australia / NZ and provides localisation, marketing and local sales support. We don’t consult we execute.

Deep Tech & Smart Cities

Smart City projects require advanced technologies, sustainable solutions, and provide very large and long-term financial incentives to participants. We can leverage our Smart City knowledge and blend it with our international capacity building process.

International Project Matching

International projects are difficult for startups to get access to, and navigating in an environment where regulatory compliance, business practices, and culture are completely different from one’s home country.

Our partners are Smart City Developers and we work closely with them to manage the engagement. We understand their requirements, so that we can match you faster to relevant projects.

International Project Access

Large project operators are often traditional corporates or bureaucratic public-private partnerships, and they lack the capability to source new deep tech sitting in earlier stage companies.

We help Scale-Up’s to go through such complex tender processes.

Improving Wellbeing

Smart cities are all about using innovative solutions to improve the lives of citizens, but sustainability is barely measured.

We provide SDG aligned strategy development to Scale-Up’s so they can positively influence the future and are ahead of legislative curve of environmental reporting.

How we work with Scale-Ups

Sales & Marketing

We adapt the marketing material to local requirements, and execute the developed sales and marketing strategy in the local markets, by identifying and selling to prospects.


We support scale-ups in setting up processes, finding talent and apply best practices that scale and support internationalisation. We take care of the project management and service integration once we have supported the closing of the first deals.

Strategy Development

We develop go-to-market strategies and identify feasible options for international expansion. We utilize our international partners to help shape local strategies within the global expansion plan.

Legal & Certifications

We support the set-up of international subsidiaries, joint ventures or license agreements, and all other legal agreements. We ensure that local certifications requirements are met and the product can be trialed or rolled out in new markets.


To enable further scaling we help raise funds from partners and investors that can support growth strategically. We support setting up advisory boards and identify mentors and advocates that support market expansion.

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