How we invest in companies​

We apply an integral investment model and focus on investing in technology related to e-mobility, production and energy. We are looking for companies that have a unique technological insight and can change the rules of the game.

What we are looking for


We believe that it is easier to create technologies that change how companies produce than to change the consumption behavior of every individual. Hence we are looking for solutions that create new markets and disrupt the status quo.


We invest in deep technology solutions that cross pollinate across the intersections between three sectors – Energy, Mobility, and Production.


We invest in companies with technologies than can be applied in Europe, Australia as well as in the rapdily developing countries in India and South-East Asia.


Our Investments have to align to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) framework and the ESG metrics. 

SDG Aligned Impact Investment

Our Investments align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. In particular our fund addresses the following SDG.

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