A Technology Pathway Towards Net Zero

Climate change is the world’s biggest problem. Deep technology investment is our greatest opportunity.

We are living in a watershed moment in history. It is now essential for investors to gain portfolio exposure to the unprecedented and exponential growth in climate technologies, to achieve both above-market returns and positive impact.  The SDGx group of companies invests in and supports the globalization of emerging deep tech companies that are revolutionizing global industries and enabling a zero carbon world. 

Whitepaper Content
  • Why now?
  • The SDGx Group
  • Focus: Climate Change
  • Why Deep Technology?
  • About the Climate Technology Fund
  • Why Venture Capital?
  • Globalising Technologies
  • Partnerships to identify the most promising technologies
  • Impact Strategy & Integration Driven by the SDGs
  • The Opportunity
A technology pathway to zero carbon

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