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We Help Investors and Their Portfolio Companies to Create Transformational Impact

What can we do for you?

We work with all types of investors, especially Private Equity and Venture Capital Firms, on developing their impact profile and help them to seize the opportunities in the emerging impact finance market to the benefit of investors, people and planet.

The Impact of Investing

What we do as investors matters. So much so that governments globally see the financial sector at the steering wheel for decarbonization. The matter is however, much more complex than just decarbonization. Most investments are not simply good or bad, nor carbon positive or negative.

Across the different asset classes, we find a spectrum of impact – from negative to positive – that needs to be addressed. The solutions are not clear-cut. We live in a complex world, and while it’s easy to blame oil, gas and animal farming for a majority of the emissions, if we were to stop drilling for oil, using gas and herding cattle today, our civilization would collapse tomorrow. A significant amount of people would starve or freeze to death within days. This is why decarbonization and the achievement of the SDGs requires a systems’ transformation.

The financial markets have the unique opportunity to drive this transformation and start a phase shift. Capital is the enabler for innovation and prosperity. Leveraging the right strategies, transformational impact can be created that serves the planet, people not to mention financial profits.

The Context of Transformation Capital, Source: Climate KIC, TRANSFORMATION CAPITAL Systemic Investing for Sustainability

Negative Impact

Clearly negative impact that are destroying society and our planet.


Clearly negative impact, but with CSR and offsetting initiatives.

Neutral Investment

A mixed portfolio but not a clear strategy for positive impact. 

ESG Investment

ESG is used as a Risk Tool to be compliant with disclosure and reporting standards.

Positive Impact

A strategy where Individual investments create positive impact.

System Transformation

Investment strategies where the whole portfolio creates synergies and accelerates positive progress.

A wide spectrum of investment strategies and activities exist in the financial markets. With increasing societal demand for sustainable investments, investors need to carefully assess their portfolios, fund strategies and investment performances to meet financial expectations, policy regulations the market has become more complex to navigate. With our blend of experience from finance, industry, and impact world – in Europe, South-East Asia and Australia – we can help you navigate this changing environment.

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