Impact Integration and Capacity Building

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We provide expert guidance on how to identify enduring sources of active and competitive advantages within your business and within the investment management processes. Strategic execution and capacity building includes:

Integrating Impact Into Your Organization

We assist you in designing a well integrated organizational strategy that matches and right-sizes the most appropriate impact model on a portfolio-level or business level taking into account the organizational capacity, culture, commercials and addressing any operational execution risks.

The ability to identify and highlight important intersectionalities, impact risks and uncover potential unintended consequences provides assurance to you and your clients. By measuring your organization’s social and environmental footprint, you are demonstrating to your investors and clients your awareness of impact topics and thought leadership.

We can work with you to uncover underlying patterns, correlations, causation, opportunities, bottlenecks and leverage points to create sustained positive impact, whilst maintaining rigorous commercial, operational and impact management practices.

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